Ciclotel Bike Stop

In Flanders & Costa Blanca

Happy to welcome tired, thirsty and/or hungry cyclists and there is a secured space to park your bikes. You can have a break and stock up on energy bars, spare parts or merchandise and borrow tools to do minor repairs. In every Ciclotel Bike Stop you can enjoy a Kwaremont - cyclists favorite beer!

You can recognise stops by the signs outside of bars/cafes & restaurants and you can also find them on the Ciclotel Road Riding Map, which you can purchase for 9,95€. This map shows all the best training routes in the area and gives a discount of 10% in all the Ciclotel Bike Stops and in the The Bike Shop.  The Ciclotel Bike Stops are located directly on the routes so there is always one close enough to have a well earned break and get ready to continue your ride.